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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1. A New Hobby - Physical Computing

This is a page about my latest hobby – physical computing.  I have always been interested in computing, and also electronics, and although I studied both in the past, while I had a fair bit of experience in writing computer programs, I didn’t have much opportunity to get hands-on with electronics. 

I have since realised that electronics as a hobby is extremely accessible, with information galore on line, and any number of suppliers of electronic kits and components.  You can get all sorts of sensors, from ultrasound to infra red, radio, light, and a host of other technologies, like accelerometers, GPS and so on.  It’s an opportunity to work with and understand the technology behind all sorts of gizmos. 

The concept of “open source” hardware and software means that there is virtually no end to the amount of information and advice available through forums, on the web.  Additionally you can get stuck in straight away and learn as you go.

The first few posts will be of a general introductory nature, mainly describing my basic tools, power supplies etc, but I hope to move on to more detailed descriptions, giving code listings, circuit diagrams, etc - at least that's the plan!
The other reason is if my breadboard fumblings are of any use to anyone else who is either thinking about starting or has already started - please feel free to follow my path.
If any of my ramblings are inaccurate, then please let me know.  Don't forget - I'm on the learning curve too.

So - I thought I would Blog all this - for a couple of reasons - for my own record - because some of my early projects which I was quite proud of, out of necessity had to be dismantled to make way for new projects.  Alas, I hadn't documented them.  

Another reason - in the tradition of open source hardware and software - if it's any use to anybody out there - use it!!

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