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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

49. Robotics with PiBot. IV - The PiCam Assembly

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You may remember a few blog posts back, I had been advised to skip assembly of Parts 6 and 7 of the PiBot kit, to allow any problems there may have been with the PiBot so far, to be attended to.

Here are the bits:
Part 6. The stepper motor (to pan the PiCam)
Part 7. The servo (to tilt the PiCam)
I started assembling these, without any instructions, but after a bit of head scratching, I managed to get to the following stage:
Part 6. Stepper assembly (to pan the PiCam)
Part 6. The stepper motor underneath
Then Part 7:
Part 7. Servo tilting assembly (with PiCam)
Part 7. View of the servo
Now the combined assembly mounted on PiBot (I had to extend the power and GND wires to the voltage regulator to get the PiCam's ribbon cable connected to the Pi):
PiBot with full PiCam assembly and PiCam
Rear view of PiBot
And here's the program running:
You can see the previous functions going through their paces - wheel motors turning, neopixels illuminating, and the ultrasound transducer working as usual, and in addition, the stepper motor is turning and the servo is rotating.  

Brilliant!  We're another step forward!!

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